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True Game Data Warzone Ttk Chart

True Game Data Warzone Ttk Chart. However, it may not be as. Can someone suggest some good weapons with similar feel.

[Warzone] TTK Chart of the Best CQC Weapons in Warzone. Head to
[Warzone] TTK Chart of the Best CQC Weapons in Warzone. Head to from

What is true game data? Check out the main call of duty website. Warzone pacific’s season 2 is continuing to shake up the meta, with.

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Health and range are both changed to sway the fight. More than 300 loadouts and super easy to use website! I spend hours upon hours testing in game with the most accurate methods at the highest frame rates, as well as programming the website at to.

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We have leaderboards for all call of duty stats! What is true game data? Truegamedata’s best owen gun class setup for rebirth island is built to maximize the.

Stopped Playing When Verdansk Was Killed, Reinstalled The Game Today And Noticed My Fav Loadout Weapons Had Been Fucked With.

Here you can see the different ttk values in seconds for primary weapons from best to worst: Anyways, the lower the time it takes to kill, the better. Comparison tool loadout suggestions zoom calculator warzone updates support.

Thousands And Thousands Of Hours Have Gone In To The.

Check out the main call of duty website. The creator behind the video goes by jet — or username jetskji — and he does a fantastic job of explaining the info on the chart, which is split into three main columns: According to truegamedata analysis, the amax is still the king of warzone, with the fastest assault rifle ttk of 0.7s or lower at 36 meters.

The Fal Shows Up On The Ar Chart.

Adaptive sidearms | 300 rpm 0,60s. Check your warzone stats and ranks for multiplayer, warzone and more! In a video uploaded to his official.

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