To Pueblos, Nations, Coordinators, and Chasquis (spiritual runners),


Greetings to all families, pueblos, nations, and organizations that are part of Peace and Dignity Journeys. Seven times we have fulfilled the prophecy of the gathering of the spiritual confederation of the Eagle and the Condor. The prayer laid with each step of the sacred staffs has woven a net throughout Abya Yala. The prayers are there guiding us during these turbulent times. It is thus, having been part of this prayer since 1992 that there is humble suggestion that we consider continuing this prayer even if at these times the conditions are not there to do it physically.


 This year we decided that we would run and honor the Sacred Fire. Even though our elder brothers have intervened through an invisible messenger that is warning humanity stop destroying Mother Earth and is preventing human travel defying the world governments; The sacred fire has no borders. It is everywhere, in every galaxy, in every star, in every heart.


 A suggestion, after consulting with our brother Policarpo Chaj a spiritual Maya Medicine Man, is for the 16th of April 2020 throughout the four corners of Abya Yala we light our fires in our homes, pueblos and nations. Policarpo said that the 16th of April represents Nahual AJ, a day to pray  for the elders which nurture our consciousness as a people and to make offerings for the health of our children. We also ask for harmony in our homes and reflect on the continuation of life.


 The pueblos, the nations, the Chanupa carriers, Sun Dancers, Dancers of all the traditions, the communities, the families, the individuals all become one, lighting the Fire at sunrise and keeping the spirit of the fire in their hearts first, then within a fireplace or candle throughout the 8 months of a Peace and Dignity prayer until December 21, 2020.  A constant ceremony of welcoming the sun with our fires at Sunrise and bidding good night at Sunset every day within our possibility.


This will be a way to keep the prayer of Peace and Dignity Journeys until we can again link the continent with the Sacred Staffs in the Spirit of the Eagle and the Condor with Peace and Dignity on this Sacred Mother Earth.


With Peace and Dignity,

Salvador Reza